Research students


PhD students

Ibitayo Arikawe – Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in Romans 9-11 in Social-Scientific Perspective

Shelley Campbell– Painting the Bible: narrative, realism, location and migration in the Middle East.

Kwangyun Cho– Idol food and ancestor worship in Corinthians 8-10.

Yong Joon Choi– The Moab Covenant and its plurality both in the book of Deuteronomy and in the book of Joshua.

Richard Cleaves – Reading the New Testament in Roman Britain

Graham Dancy– James and the missio Dei: a missional reading of the Epistle of James.

Suzanne DeMond – Christ’s High Priesthood in Hebrews in Social-Scientific Perspective

Nana (Christina) Du – The Tension Between Seeing and Not-Seeing in the Book of Isaiah and Its Rhetorical Purpose

Andrew Gilmore – Can God Repent: An Inquiry in the Old Testament

David Gray – Ancestor Worship in the Old Testament

Jonathan Guevara – An Ethnographic Study of Luke’s “Rich Man” Parables.

Louis Watson Ndekha– The social function of the Lukan Beatitudes and Woes in their Greco-Roman context: the interpretation of Luke 6:20-26 in social-scientific perspective.

Gideon Sam – An Investigation of Lucan Meals with Relevance to Food Justice in India.


Masters students

Bruce Goodwin– What is the New Wine story? An analysis of the history, theology and destiny of New Wine focusing particularly on its theology.

Robert Walker– A neurological/theological approach to mediative reading of the Christian sculptures.

William (Billy) Steele – Theodicy in the Book of Habakkuk